the online resource initiative spearheaded by the NDP through Senator Vynnette Frederick continues to innovate. This is the word from Sen. Frederick who shadows the Ministry of Science and Technology. The website which is only six months old has already racked up over sixty thousand hits and Frederick is currently assessing the responses by parents and students who used the site during preparation for Common Entrance.

According to the Senator “One of the new additions to the site is a World Issues page which is a page focusing on disseminating issues that affect the world including our country. I think it is important to give information on issues that may well be controversial or hard to talk about which may impact our students and the Vincentian population at large.” We intend to offer education information on a number of issues including HIV/AIDS, HUMAN RIGHTS, and THE RIGHTS OF THE CHILD, but we have started by sharing resources on HUMAN TRAFFICKING and DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. Educating and increasing awareness on these issues will lead to a more informed populace and certainly a more informed approach to exam questions that require general knowledge on a variety of important issues.”

The innovation has not gone unnoticed, with Nailah John of Time to stand against Crime and Violence in SVG, endorsing the education website and the World Issues page by sharing it on their own social media page. Of the endorsement, Frederick praised the work of Ms John as being timely, “The Leave our Violence movement is significant and their endorsement is one we truly appreciate.”

Frederick intends to do additional work on the site specific to parents, and is tight lipped about what visitors to vincyclassroom can expect. She intends to unveil an upgraded vincyclassroom website in time for the new school year.

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