Mr. Benjamin Exeter was born in Layou on to very humble beginnings. While a student at the Layou Government School, his mother migrated him and his siblings to Toronto, Canada. He continued his primary education in Toronto at Seneca College where he gained his Diploma in Business Management and several certifications in Information Technology. Upon graduating from Seneca College Ben worked as a Mortgage Broker for seven (7) years, and then moved on to be the Director of Marketing at a Chicago Based Company for nine (9) years. Closing the chapter in Chicago, Ben joined the family business “Exeter Software Group before launching out as a business entrepreneur and starting his own company “Exeter Consultants”

After returning to St. Vincent to work from home, Ben was touched by the hardship his fellow constituents were facing on a daily basis. The high rate of unemployment, high cost of living and lack of meaningful development made life extremely difficult for the people of Central Leeward. After some careful consideration Ben has taken the decision to step forward and offer himself as a servant to the people of Central Leeward. With his background in Information Technology and over twenty years of experience in business management, Mr. Benjamin Exeter is indeed the perfect choice to create jobs, foster meaningful development for the young people and to represent the best interest of the people of Central Leeward.

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