Member of Parliament for Southern Grenadines

Shadow Minister of Education, Health and Grenadines Affairs

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Terrance Nathaniel Ollivierre was born on September 16th 1964 and currently resides with his wife on the island of Canouan. He has called the Southern Grenadines home for his entire life and is now in a position to make a contribution to his community.

Terrance has always contributed to his community as well as his country and this has been the pattern of his lifelong achievements. He was a teacher at both the Union Island Secondary and Clifton Government Schools. He was then made Teacher in Charge at the Mayreau Government School during the period 1997 to 1998. He has also contributed through his community and cultural work as lead vocalist in the band “Vizion”, Member of the Union Island Football Association, Member of the Canouan Regatta Committee and Secretary of the Fisherman’s Sports Club in Union Island. He has also participated in various workshops on Environmental Improvement with youth in Canouan and Union Island.


  • Certificate in Education Administration – UWI
  • Bachelors Degree in Education Administration History Minor – UWI
  • Diploma in National Development – Fu Hsing College, China


  • Music and Culture


 Married with Children



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